Privacy Policy


We strongly support your right to privacy when using our apps.

Our privacy policy is simple: your data is none of our business. We make money by selling software, not by mining your personal information.

To the extent that our apps and websites can provide their functionality without doing so, we prefer to avoid collecting data from you.

In the cases where we do collect data, we try to be clear about why we're collecting it, tell you how long we keep it, delete it when we no longer need it, and give you the ability to opt out of collection whenever possible.

We use modern security measures to protect collected data, and limit access to only those employees who require access to perform their jobs. We may be legally required to disclose collected data to law enforcement or government agencies in some situations.

Information Gathered through Website Purchases

If you purchase a product directly from our website, we collect your:

  • full name
  • address
  • email address
  • company name (optional)

The purpose of collecting this information is to identify you in the future as a license owner of one of our applications. We may need to verify you are a license owner if, for example:

  • you request a receipt or invoice
  • you request a refund
  • you request that we re-send your serial number
  • you wish to receive discounted upgrade pricing on an app you've previously purchased

Because addresses, both real-world and electronic, tend to change over time, having more than one piece of identifying information helps ensure we can find a record of your purchase should you need help down the road.

We do not sell or otherwise disclose this information to third-parties.

We do not collect or store your credit card number, expiration date, or CVV code. When you purchase from our website, your credit card details are routed directly from your browser to our credit card processor, PayPal, and are not stored on any NOTES17-owned server even temporarily.

You may update your personal information with us at any time by emailing

We retain the personal information related to your purchase indefinitely to facilitate support interactions, unless you ask us to remove it. To request removal of your personal information related to a purchase, contact If you do this, be sure to keep a copy of your purchased serial numbers, as we will no longer be able to look them up once we have removed your identifying information from our system.

Support Interactions

When handling support requests from you, we collect:

  • your email address (or Twitter handle, if you contact us via Twitter)
  • any information you provide voluntarily (such as app logs or other diagnostic info)

This information is collected solely to help resolve your support inquiry. We retain support emails indefinitely in order to:

  • have context from previous interactions which may help us answer your future questions more quickly
  • identify broad trends in support requests, which may help us identify and solve problems with our products

If you would like to remove support emails you have sent, contact

Application Usage Analytics

Our apps do not collect information about the way you use them. We do not track individual user behavior in our apps. We do not receive information from your device's displays, cameras, or microphones.

App Logs

Our apps collect routine information while you're using them and save them as logs for troubleshooting purposes. The logs can help us identify the cause of issues you may have experienced and hopefully they will help us fix the issues in a future update. These logs contain information such as the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash, but not your private data.

Some of our apps may collect and store the logs locally, and some may automatically send logs over the network for better user experience. For example, Pagico on your computer stores logs locally and you can choose to send them to us when needed for support purposes. Pagico on your mobile devices will send anonymous logs to us as issues occur, as the access to the log files on mobile operating systems may be difficult. Your logs are directly sent to NOTES17 servers and are not disclosed to third-parties.

Update Checking

By default, our apps periodically check to see if a newer version of the app is available, so that you can be given the choice to update if you wish.

For iOS apps or Android apps, update checking behavior is managed by the operating system, and the relevant information is processed by Apple and Alphabet respectively.

For apps acquired via direct download from NOTES17's website, an update check request will be occasionally sent to a NOTES17-owned server. This request contains the name and current version of the app you are using, which are necessary to guide you to the correct update version.

Email List

You may be given a one-time opportunity to sign up for our email newsletter the first time you launch our apps. If you decline, no data will be sent. If you accept, the email address you provide will be added to our email list.

Our email list is low volume (only a few messages per year is typical) and is generally limited to announcements of important new versions of our apps or significant new product releases.

We do not sell or otherwise disclose any portion of our email list to third-parties, with the exception of the vendor that provides our mailing list services as necessary to distribute the emails.

If you join our email list, we retain your email address until you ask to be removed. Instructions on how to unsubscribe are contained in all messages sent to the email list.


Activation is the process by which our applications verify that you are a legitimately licensed owner of the NOTES17 product you're using.

For iOS apps or Android apps, no activation request is sent to NOTES17-owned servers. Verification of your purchase may occur by processes and servers managed by Apple or Alphabet in this case.

For apps acquired via direct download from NOTES17's website, an activation request is performed when you enter an activation code to unlock the app, and may be repeated from time to time by already activated products.

The activation process consists of a single request sent to a NOTES17-owned server, containing encrypted information about the serial number you entered into the app. The server verifies whether the serial number is valid, and replies with a digitally signed confirmation if so. Otherwise, an error message is sent back for the app to display to you.

We retain a log of activation requests for up to one year.


When you interact with our servers using a web browser, or indirectly by network requests sent on your behalf by our apps, some metadata about the request is logged. This metadata may include:

  • your IP address (may reveal your approximate geographic location)
  • the name of the resource requested
  • the name and version number of the software making the request (may reveal information about your web browser, operating system, and their configuration)
  • whether or not the request was successful
  • current date and time

We generally don't look at these logs unless a server is malfunctioning or appears to be getting used in a malicious way. We may look at the information in aggregate to see broad statistics such as how many times our apps have been downloaded, or from which source an unusually high amount of network traffic is arriving.

We retain web server logs for one year.

Third-Party Vendor Services Used

  • Paddle is used for purchases from our website as the payment processor.
  • PayPal is used for purchases from our website as a secondary payment processor.
  • Update checking in direct download apps is provided by the Sparkle framework.
  • Email list services are provided by Twilio and MailChimp.
  • Web analytics services are provided by Google Analytics.
  • Payment processing, update checking, and license management of iOS apps is managed by Apple.
  • Payment processing, update checking, and license management of Android apps purchased from the Google Play Store is managed by Google.
  • Support requests are managed with Zendesk.

Rights of EU Citizens Under GDPR

Citizens of the EU may exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the rights of access and erasure, by contacting us with their request. We recommend emailing the request to

Questions and Feedback

Our privacy policies might change or be edited for clarity over time. Up-to-date information will always be available from this page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our data collection or privacy policies. We'll be more than happy to discuss them with you.